Old Hickory Bats

Old Hickory’s maple, ash, and birch bats are the same ones which are sent to professional players. You have your choice of wood, model, length, weight, color (please see picture below), cupped or solid end and barrel personalization. All of Old Hickory’s Custom Pro bats are cut from #1 graded, hard rock maple, top graded northern white ash and yellow birch. No “Store Bought” wood will be found in these bats.

We do not have any Old Hickory bats on stock because we want to keep you full customization of your bats. We are opening pre ordering periods. During these pre ordering periods you can order your customize Old Hickory bats on our eshop. When pre ordering period finish, all orders are sent to Old Hickory factory, where your bats are during next 4 weeks prepared. With transport to your home, you can expect to have your bats available in 8 till 10 weeks.

Pre ordering periods 2018:

  • October 1st till October 31st 2018
According What Pros Wear webpage, 10% of all MLB starters in 2017 went at bat with Old Hickory bats. Overall Old Hickory MLB batters had in 2017 the third highest average (0.268) and the highest SLG (0.483). The most known Old Hickory MLB batters are:

  • Mike Trout (using Old Hickory model MT27)
  • Paul Goldschmidt (PG44)
  • Lorenzo Cain (LC6)
  • Wilson Ramos (WR40)
  • Will Middlebrooks (WMB16)
  • Neil Walker (NW18)
  • J.D. Martinez (JD28)
  • Michael McKenry (MM2)
  • Tyler Colvin (TC9)
  • Gordon Beckham (GB15)
  • Jean Segura (J2S)
  • Josh Donaldson (JL18)
  • Nolan Arenado (28NA)